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Zinnias are annual plants that are an absolute must in your garden. There are hundreds of cultivars, with brightly colored flowers in all shades to pastel colors. Moreover, they bloom for a very long time, they fill gaps in your border and they also do well in pots and your picking garden. And sowing zinnias is not difficult at all.

Sow zinnias in 2 ways (step-by-step plan) - Gardeners World (1)

You can sow zinnias in two ways: directly in the open ground or by sowing them indoors. Do you also love these flowers? Be sure to combine both sowing methods for staggered flowering - although most zinnias continue to bloom until frost.

When to sow zinnias?

You can start sowing zinnias indoors earlier than in the open ground. You can sow zinnias indoors from February to April, and sow zinnias outdoors in May and June.

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How to sow zinnias indoors

You can sow zinnias in a greenhouse, cold frame or in a greenhouse on your windowsill. This is possible from February to April. Keep in mind that you must have enough space for sowing and ultimately transplanting the plants until you can plant them out in the open ground. Do you have limited space? Then start sowing a little later, or spread the sowing over the months.

This is what you need:

Step 1. Filling jars

Fill the pots or sowing trays with the sowing soil. Tap the bottom against your work surface and press the ground lightly. Give the pots or seed trays a little water.

Step 2. Sow zinnias

Sow zinnias in 2 ways (step-by-step plan) - Gardeners World (2)

Place the seeds in the potting soil and press them gently. Depending on the size of the pots, you can sow a few seeds per pot or seed cell.

Create your own picking garden

Sow zinnias in 2 ways (step-by-step plan) - Gardeners World (3)

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Step 3. Cover

Cover the seeds with a thin layer of sowing soil, or use vermiculite or crusher sand. The British like to usehorticultural grit, which is also a good option, but poorly available.

Step 3. Water

Sow zinnias in 2 ways (step-by-step plan) - Gardeners World (4)

Carefully water the pot or seed tray. For example, by watering with a very light spray nozzle, or by placing the pot in a container with water. Then let it drain before putting them in place. Keep the soil slightly moist.

Don't forget to label your pot or seed tray.

Step 4. Thinning

Sow zinnias in 2 ways (step-by-step plan) - Gardeners World (5)

As soon as the seedlings show their first leaves (after the germ leaves), it is time to prick them out and give them their own pots.

Step 5. Harden

AlreadyIce Saintscan your plants go outside? Allow them to harden off first around that period, when no more frost is predicted. Then you leave the plants outside for a little longer during the day, but leave them indoors in the evening and at night. That way you become stronger.

Step 6. Plant out

It's time to put your plants in the ground! Choose a sunny and reasonably sheltered spot. Zinnias prefer soil that is well-drained. If necessary, you can work some (well-decomposed) manure into the soil before planting out. Useful, but not necessary: ​​place a horizontal rack or net to give the plants support and help them grow straight.

How to sow zinnias outdoors in the open ground

Sow zinnias in 2 ways (step-by-step plan) - Gardeners World (6)

You can sow zinnias in the open ground in May and June. Handy if you don't have much space indoors, or if you want to spread out the flowering of your plants.

Step 1. Choose a spot

Choose a spot in the sun, but largely out of the wind. The soil is preferably fine and well-drained.

Step 2. Prepare soil

Remove weeds and rake the soil well so that the soil has a fine structure. You can also use a wire to make a straight line. Make a shallow trench.

Step 3. Sowing

Sow the seeds in the trench, 10 to 15 cm apart. Close the trench again with your hands so that the seeds are lightly covered.

Sow zinnias in 2 ways (step-by-step plan) - Gardeners World (7)

Step 4. Watering

Provide sufficient water, preferably with a watering can with a light spray nozzle. This way the seeds cannot wash away. You can optionally cover the seeds with a cloche.

Label the spot where you sowed the seeds.

Step 5. Thinning

As soon as the plants have their first true leaves (after the germ leaves), you can thin them out. Make sure they are about 30 cm apart.

Continue to water the plants regularly and keep the soil free of weeds. When sowing in open ground, it is also useful to stretch a rack or net so that your plants grow nice and straight.

Harvest your own zinnia seeds

You can harvest zinnia seeds, although they will not be specific. Choose a few flowers that you will not cut away after they have finished blooming. The seeds are found at the base of the petals.

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Sow zinnias in 2 ways (step-by-step plan) - Gardeners World (2024)


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